Our Code of Conduct and Ethics

The way we thrive by doing good.

At moir, we aim to brings together people that want to make a positive impact. Our vision is to become a global, just & sustainable collectively-owned​ network of experts helping businesses and brands to ​thrive by doing good.

To achieve this, we will need people with the right mindset, skills and attitude to turn our vision into reality. With our code of conduct and ethics, we explain how we put our values into action and what we can do to make moir a positive and inclusive experience for everyone.

Our code of conduct and ethics is built around the understanding that everything we do should uphold the highest ethical standards to bring positive change for everyone. By incorporating our values and principles into our work, we strive to establish a culture of integrity, take responsibilities for people and our planet and make us all thrive by doing good.

Who must follow our Code of Conduct?
We are many but together we are one. When we work together, we are driven by our purpose and guided by our core values, principles and ethical stance. Our purpose, values and personality state why and in which ways we conduct business. They make us unique and sets us apart – and help us to be accountable for our actions. Therefor we expect everyone working with moir to uphold our code of conduct and ethics and make appropriate choices.

Our purpose

We believe, protecting humanity and our living planet has to be a priority. That’s why we drive transformative change to accelerate the shift to a more just and ecologically safe future.

We understand how important it is to kickstart a wider transformation towards a model that values nature as a foundation for a healthy society. Failing to do so, has already proven to be a false economy. We work together to come up with strategies and solution to improve social foundations while respecting the boundaries of our planet.

Our mission

We are driven by the need for a just an ecological future.
Our mission is to bring inspiration & innovation to changemakers around the world – making their brands & businesses part of the solution, not the problem. 

Our Values

We are here to inspire.
We want to inspire people and businesses to view and navigate their brand with a more complete perspective to take sustainable actions for a better tomorrow.

By being authentic and courageous, we have what it takes to turn our curiosity into sustainable methods, strategies and solutions. We’re not afraid of change and drive transformational actions to make a just and ecological tomorrow possible. We show bravery in our name and every aspect of our personality.

We are here to innovate.
We help people and businesses to innovate by providing them with the mindset, know-how and tools to generate actionable insights about their brands impact and it’s potential.

Our actions are guided by a deep understanding for the needs of humanity and our living planet. We care about supporting people on their quest to live a healthier, better and more sustainable life. By being empathetic, we find out what’s expected from us – where people are coming from, where they are going and what they need on their journey. We pair our empathy with curiosity to keep up with our fast- paced and everchanging world. This helps us to adapt quickly and create meaningful actions that matter.

We are here to liberate.
We liberate brands from 20th century thinking to encourage thriving 21st century brand ecosystems. At its core, we believe sustainability is about freedom. That why we take new approaches in helping people to meet their own needs but without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own.

We believe, supporting people’s freedom is essential to inspire, motivate and encourage ethical behavior. At moir, we care about peoples’ well-being and support everyone to unfold their full potential – we do so, by being compassionate and open and foster a culture of respect, choice and autonomy.

Our ethical stance

We respect and value our living planet.
To thrive we need to re-evaluate our relationship with nature and all living beings. All members of moir commit to reflect on their impact and potentials, take responsibility and be accountable for their own actions.

We strive to create an inclusive environment free from discrimination.
We recognize and respect that differences are no obstacles but should be nurtured as strength and as the uniqueness that set us apart. Therefore, we won’t tolerate or perpetuate racist, homophobic, transphobic, ableist, sexist, or any other prejudiced or discriminatory attitudes, behaviour or language.

We are better together.
We believe that diversity is the source of both creativity and robust strategy. Through engaging large, mixed groups we produce work that is built on insight, is distinctive and is owned by people across the business.

We seek to works with and alongside existing movements.
We support grassroot movements and direct action for economic justice, racial justice, climate justice, workers rights, gender equity and many more by taking fair and ecological action from the streets into the heart of businesses.

We work in the spirit of open design and open innovation.
We believe co-creation, collaboration and an open approach of sharing know-how, skills and tools are essential to help us view, think and act differently. By doing so, we’re never stop learning and are better in tackling the challenges of today and tomorrow together.

Our principles

21st century changemakers need 21st century principles.
We’re inspired by and support the principles of the doughnut economics®.

  1. Embrace the 21st century goal.
    Aim to meet the need of all people within the needs of the planet. Seek to align your organisations purpose, network, governance and finance with this goal. Expect the work to be challenging and transformative.

  2. See the big picture
    Recognize the potential roles of household, the commons, the market and the state – and their many synergies – in transforming economies. Ensure that finance serves the work rather than drives it.

  3. Nurture human nature.
    Promote diversity, participation, collaboration and reciprocity. Strengthen community networks and work with a spirit of high trust. Care for the wellbeing of the team.

  4. Think in systems.
    Experiment, learn, adapt, evolve and aim for continuous improvement. Be alert to dynamic effects, feedback loops and tipping points.

  5. Be distributive.
    Work in the spirit of open design and share the value created with all who created it. Be aware of power and seek to redistribute it to improve equity amongst stakeholders.

  6. Be regenerative.
    Aim to work with and within the cycles of the living world. Be a sharer, repairer, regenerator, steward. Reduce travel, minimize flights, be climate and energy smart.

  7. Aim to thrive rather than grow.
    Don’t let growth become a goal in itself. Know when to let the work spread out via others rather than scaling up in size.